The McPherson Foundation is a charitable organisation (2018/236357/08) that is trying to address the present situation of our youth by uplifting children and supporting the institutions that provide them with care.


It was established by Tony McPherson, a prominent youth businessman from South Africa. His passion for poverty alleviation and the empowerment of underprivileged communities led him to become an investor in the lives of disadvantaged children.


The McPherson Foundation was established as a charities aid institution, giving less fortunate children a chance to experience love, happiness and a brighter future with the help and funding of other like-minded benefactors.


In an effort to determine where and how we could make a substantial difference in the lives of underprivileged children, the McPherson Foundation launched a research project that focused on local community outreach organisations. The aim of the project was to identify charity organisations which are in desperate need of funding and prepare a needs analysis in the interest of uplifting children and supporting the institutions that provide them with care.


Noteworthy patrons of the McPherson Foundation are Tony McPherson (Jnr) , Lynda McPherson, Donovan McPherson, Veronica McPherson & Tony McPherson (Snr). Tony McPherson (Jnr) is the founding member as well as Director. With PSG Wealth managing our financial matters, the McPherson Foundation actively initiates projects, charity fundraising campaigns and events to alleviate the financial strain suffered by children’s care institutions.


The McPherson Foundation invites you to join us in making a real difference in a child’s life. Help us to bring more joy, more laughter and more hope to children who need a better today as well as a better tomorrow.